Frietzy Brand ID, Website & App Development


Frietzy is a fries start-uo opening 20 locations in Central Europe, Russia and Spain. They serve authentic belgium fries and fancy toppings like truffle mayo, hunter master glaze with chicken, and all made with the fresher ingredients. We assisted in the full concept development, Brand ID design, menu design, website, social media and more. Currently [...]

FT Health Brand ID, Website, Web-shop & social strategy development


FT Health is a European distributor of health snacks, kids drinks, Flow water, Energy bars and more. They were looking for an individual product strategy and a company strategy. Webchitects has created a subscription based web shop, marketing plans that will drive first time shoppers into a direct sales channel. Web-shop sales has been up [...]

Get Headhunted Web Design


A well known Headhunter operation in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany wanted a complete re-style of their website to speak to a more mature clientele. We supported during the brainstorm, and created a unique new look and feel. Never before they had so many client response on their site and call to action has tripled.

Branding Harmony


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